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As I prepare to travel internationally, I want to restrict data access to certain applications. I’m using Android 13 as of writing this (Your version is found at Settings -> About Phone), so the tools I mention might be different on your version.

All of these tools are found under the Settings options, where you can search for them:

Data Usage

Under data usage I found Mobile Data Usage which shows my my used apps. I don’t see a way to do it in bulk, so for each app you can click on it and and turn Background Data to off.

Data Saver

By turning this one, only apps with unrestricted access will be able to access data, see the next section.

Unrestricted Data

This was found under Special App access, Carrier Services is the only one I left on.

Data warning and Limit

Normally at home I don’t need to turn this on as I have a great data plan, but in the case of travel, I set a warning to 3/4 of my eSIM/data or data carrier limit when I’m in the new region.

While traveling, my Android offers an eSIM option, and I use AirOLO for eSIM service. If you use it, feel free to use my referral code of KRIS1850

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